Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Slingshot #113

Non-Asswipe related news...

The new Slingshot is out! (Faces changed to protect identity) Pick up a copy at your favorite bay area library, record store, theater, cafe, or liquor store. They're also looking for people to help out with the 2014 Slingshot organizer, send in your artwork or clip-art by June 22nd, more info here if you want to get involved.

 And of course, I'm finally hard at work on ASSWIPE #4, send in your SUBMISSIONS to asswipemagazine@gmail.com by June 30th (deadline might be extended depending on how lazy I get). I'm still working on getting a new PO BOX so I can write and receive more letters, but first I need a job - which I unfortunately have been looking for too. If you know of anything cool, let me know!


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